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Production process

All our products under the brand name VERNAFIX have undergone a production cycle which ensures that these products are completely sustainable when they leave our factory.

The products are subjected to the following treatment :
For the treatment with vacuum – pressure impregnation, we place the wood in a fully automatic, computer – controlled impregnation kettle. In this kettle, first and foremost, a vacuum is drawn. Air is pulled out of the wood cells as a result of this under pressure.
The kettle is then filled with the impregnation liquid.
By creating an overpressure, the liquid is pressed into the wood cells, where it occupies the place of the air released by the vacuum.

The kettle is drawn vacuum again, causing the excess liquid to return to the storage tank.
HIFIX – fixation : with the HIFIX fixation, we place the impregnated wood in a Hifix boiler. In the boiler the wood is treated with saturated steam. Due to the contact of this saturated steam with the still wet wood, a maximum of heat is transfer takes place. The big advantage of this is that the duration of the fixation of an x-number of weeks is reduced to just a few hours.
We have our own impregnation station with ATG-number. As a result, we’re under constant control so that you’re assured of an optimal impregnation quality.