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Vernafix is a family business run by father Freddy and daughter Amanda Vermeersch.
Our headoffice is located in Edewalle near Kortemark. Here we have a large area where we can stock our extensive range of garden wood and horse enclosures. 
The company is still in the list of the most modern impregnation companies at world level. Many companies from the region call on the company to have their wood impregnated. 

A rough 28 employees, each have their own specific task within the company. There are carpenters, forklift drivers, clerks, truck drivers, ...

In Houthulst we have a second company site where a few employees take on the production of horse enclosures. 

Our wood comes from forests from all over the world: forests in the Ardennes, France, eastern Europe, but also from exotic regions such as Africa, Latin America,... Our sales area is not only limited to Belgium. Vernafix products are also distributed in neighboring countries.